Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Creativity of the Creator

Ibex at En Gedi, Israel

How many different types of plants and animals are mentioned in the Bible?  More than you may expect!

I'm doing some research for an upcoming paper and ran across this paragraph, written by one of my former professors, Daniel I. Block:

The scriptures place a high stock in non-human life in general and biological diversity in particular. The Bible contains 110 plant names. Some of these are generic expressions, and some represent different words for the same or similar plants, but the rest refer to a wide variety of specific plants. The same may be said of animals. While some of the over two hundred Old Testament terms for animals server as generic expressions for more than one species, and several different expressions are used for some animals, the majority represent designations for different kinds of animals. And these list of terms are obviously incomplete. Although elephants are never mentioned in the Bible, the numerous reference to ivory demonstrate an awareness of these creatures.

So there are 110 plant-related words and over 200 animal-related words.  I would not have expected those numbers to be so high.  It is just a small reminder of how creative our Creator is.

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